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Used Gear, Seconds or Samples


Below are some of the lightly used gear returned by customers, factory seconds and samples available at discounted rates. Drop us a message if you want any of these and we will send the pictures. We stand by our products. If any of these products cause issues, we will work with you to find a mutually acceptable solution.  

  • Jampui Blue Jean EU 42, USM 9.5, USW 10.5 - 
    • Brand new. Pre-production sample. Mishmi Takin logo on the ankle is not clear and is partially blacked out.  
    • Price - $85. 
      • Jampui Birch Green EU 39, USM 7, USW 8 - 
        • Practically new, lightly used and returned. has slight black mark where laces are tightened.
        • Price - $100
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