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Our Factories

Our Factories

At Mishmi Takin, we believe that high quality, durable products are better for both the planet and the pocket book and that the road to great products begins with better ingredients. That is why, we believe in sourcing the best materials from the best factories in the world to make our 'No Compromise' products.

Leather Tannery

Mastrotto (Est 1958), Vicenza, Italy  - 
Gruppo Mastrotto, established in 1958 and based in 'leather district' in Vicenza, Italy, is known for marrying experience and professionalism with the most modern technology in the leather industry. The result is finest quality leather sought by best fashion brands. Mastrotto has implemented water-based finishing processes which led the tannery to be awarded German government's 'Blue Angel' ecolabel certification for minimizing the impact on the health and the environment during the production phase as well as in the recycling and disposal phases.  

Outsole Factory

Vibram, (Est 1937), Albizzate, Italy - 
Vibram, established in 1937 and based in Albizzate, Italy, is world renowned for producing the best soles for hiking / mountaineering boots. For Mishmi Takin boots, we wanted the best traction possible especially on slippery surfaces such as wet rock. That is why we chose Megagrip rubber compound. Vibram® Megagrip offers excellent grip properties on both dry and wet terrains while maintaining a high level of durability. Megagrip sticks no matter the surface and keeps you upright. 

Waterproof Membrane Factory

eVent (Est 1998), Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA - 
Mishmi Takin is focused on superior breathability and comfort even in conditions where other's don't breath. That led us to eVent. The critical difference between eVent's technology and traditional waterproof/breathable fabrics is the billions of microscopic pores built in the  membrane that work instantly to vent water vapor (sweat) that builds up inside your apparel and footwear when you perform. This "Direct Venting™ technology does not need to get wet to work. It’s a 'dry system' that keeps you dry and comfortable in the widest range of temperatures and conditions. eVent waterproof membrane is Made in USA.


Vegam, (Est 1994), Vicenza, Italy -
The Made in USA eVent waterproof membrane is shipped over to Italy where Vegam laminates it with foam, lining and insulation to create the final 3 or 4 layer laminate used in Mishmi Takin boots. Established in 1994 and headquartered in Arzignano (VI), Vegam is a provider of high quality technical textiles and bonded materials. As part of its commitment to the environment, for over a decade, Vegam has been producing solvent-free, using only recycled water.   


Mondeox, (Est 1993), Asolo, Italy 
Mishmi Takin boots are manufactured by Mondeox SPA. Mondeox, established in 1993 and headquartered in Asolo, Italy, is one of the best factories in Italy and is widely known for its exquisite workmanship and for development and engineering of high performance footwear. The final assembly of Mishmi Takin boots is done at the Mondeox factory in Aiud, Romania.

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