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Family On the Trail: 5 Tips to Get Outside With Your Father

Family On the Trail: 5 Tips to Get Outside With Your Father

May 25, 2017

With Father’s Day comes warmer temperatures, which makes it a great time to get outside with your dad. But after a chilly winter, sometimes it can be tough to take the leap out the front door for some outdoor adventures.

Here 5 tips to help you get back outside with your father.

1. Have the right gear

Staying comfortable throughout the day is essential. Be prepared and check the forecast ahead of time. If it’s going to be sunny all day, dress appropriately and don’t forget the sunblock. And if rain’s in the forecast make sure you both pack a rain jacket to keep you dry.

2. Embrace something you both enjoy

You might like climbing while he might like cycling, so plan something that you both enjoy. Hiking is a good low-impact time to reconnect. Find a trail nearby to hike together.

3. Take it easy

If it’s your first time back out on the trail in a few months, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should go all out on a big hike right away. Go on some smaller hikes together to get back into hiking shape. Save the bigger, longer, hikes for later in the season.

4. Try something new

Learning or trying something new, alone, can be daunting. Find something that you and your father have always wanted to try and do it together. The two of you might mess up occasionally, but you’ll be in good company and can laugh through the mistakes. If you want to go big, cross off a bucket list item like skydiving or whitewater rafting!

5. Go out for some post-hike libations

After a day outside, some libations are always in order. Find a neat craft brewery nearby or go to a wine bar if beer isn’t quite your thing. At the end of the day you two can hang out and relax outside as the sun begins to set with a drink in hand.

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