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At Home in Wet Weather: Finding Comfort When the Weather’s Worst

At Home in Wet Weather: Finding Comfort When the Weather’s Worst

April 14, 2017

I think it’s safe to say that as adventurers we’ve all been in one similar experience. We’re enjoying the day and as the sun rises higher in the sky the weather begins to turn. As the sky opens up we reach into our packs to pull out our foul weather gear and continue on. What started as a great day of outdoor exploring has turned into a miserable mess.

Fully waterproof jackets make sure you stay dry from the natural elements, but then your core gets soaked from perspiration. An expensive piece of gear that’s supposed to keep us dry and comfortable has become our adversary.

Technical outerwear performs great in cold, dry, climates where you want something to keep you warm. But in warm and humid climates found anywhere from the United States south to rainforests across the world, it’s almost impossible to stay dry.

Outerwear tends to repel moisture, but locks in our body heat and perspiration, deeming it useless. You would never want to wear a water- and air-tight jacket in a humid climate like this one:

Hiking in the Eastern Himalayas of the Mishmi Hills I was inspired, while soaking wet, to research and design the best line of highly breathable and waterproof gear. The gear should be able to be used in the tropics and mild weather as well as in the mountains all over the world, while still being stylish to use in the city when it rains or snows.

When you look at and use our outerwear I think you’ll you’ll find that I’m not just being biased when I say: we’ve achieved this goal.

But outerwear doesn’t just include jackets; it also includes shoes. As adventurers we all know that it’s vital we care for our feet. And that starts with protection from the elements.

The line of hiking boots I’ve developed are 100% waterproof while maintaining breathability. Water stays out while sweat is vented out, keeping your feet cool and dry. Exactly what hiking boots should do!

Whether you’re hiking in the tropics, scaling mountains, or navigating traffic to work, our products will always outperform. No matter the situation you find yourself in, our products will help your feel right at home.

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