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4 Tips for Beating the Humidity on Your Next Hike

4 Tips for Beating the Humidity on Your Next Hike

October 16, 2017

Humidity is a factor that we often don't consider until we feel the sweat beading on our foreheads or dampening our shirts. Hiking in humidity can be tough -- it can cause you to dehydrate faster and lose energy. 

While most brands focus on temperature protection, here at Mishmi Takin, we understand the humidity factor is just as relevant. It can leave you wet and cold or extra hot if you don't properly prepare. 

Here are 4 tips that will help you face the temperature AND humidity, for a more rewarding hiking experience. 

Wear Layers 

If you're hiking in the fall, the air can feel chilly when you start. But humidity can sneak up on you in colder temperatures, and make you sweat despite the cool air. Dressing in layers will allow you to adjust for the temperature and humidity as you go. Avoid sweat that can turn cold by stripping down your layers as you warm up. 

Keep Your Neck Cool

That old bandana you carry around but aren't sure when to use? Now’s the time to get that baby wet and tie it around your neck. Having the cold cloth against your neck not only prevents sunburn on a spot that's often left exposed, but also helps lower overall body temperature.

Use Breathable (Long-Sleeved) Fabrics

It may seem counterintuitive to throw on pants or a long-sleeved shirt, but choosing a lightweight and breathable fabric (like wool, polyester, or nylon) helps wick moisture and serves double-duty by protecting your arms and legs from the sun. 

Mishmi Takin Boots

Disappointed by the gear he was using, our founder Kapil Dev Singh took matters into his own hands and created a boot that would perform well and keep feet dry in the most humid environments. Our clothing and footwear uses eVent membrane technology which lets sweat vapor out, and prevents water droplets from coming in. Waterproof boots, for men and for women, help feet breath and stay comfortable on those humid hikes.

Wearing the right layers and a pair of Mishmi Takin boots can make all the difference in enjoying your next hike, no matter the climate and weather you face. 

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