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4 Gifts to Help Your Mom Feel at Home on the Trail this Mother’s Day

4 Gifts to Help Your Mom Feel at Home on the Trail this Mother’s Day

May 01, 2017

Over the years mom has done a great job keeping us comfortable and helping us feel at home. Whether it’s having a home cooked meal ready to go, or taking care of us while we’re sick, she’s always there for us. Now it's our time to return the favor. 

Here are 4 great gifts to give your mom this Mother’s Day to help her feel at home on the trail.

Jacket to Defend Against the Elements

No matter the condition of the weather, a waterproof jacket will keep her dry and feeling at home on the trails.

Make sure you get her one that breathes, so that as she’s moving and generates heat, the sweat she expels is able to be wicked away and evaporated instead of being trapped and soaking her from the inside.

Pictured above is our Cayambe jacket.

Boots That’ll Keep Her Feet Happy

Wet feet are more likely to prune, become uncomfortable, and blisters will form much easier.

The Kameng boots, ready for any weather and distance.

A pair of waterproof boots that keep the water out will have her going on the trails for miles without any screaming from her feet.

Trekking Poles to Save Her Knees

It’s not the uphill, but the downhill sections that are the most rough on our joints Losing your balance is much easier on the way down and hiking with little support will put a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on anyone’s knees.

Giving your mom a set of trekking poles are like giving her a hand, when you’re not around, to help her keep her balance and save her knees.

Adjustable poles are available at most outdoor retailers and on the web. 

Backpack for Her Things

Give your mom a new pack this Mother's Day. A day pack can hold her stuff, and only her stuff, when she’s on the trail. It can also hold a reservoir of water so she can easily stay hydrated, and comfortable to go long distances with the knowledge that she's prepared.

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